My database

As part of my research I have created a table in Word with thirty two pages of artists who are women, 770 women in total, who are significant artists for their time and for today. None of them are living artists. With profound thanks to Christa Zaart who manages the the following facebook page, I receive daily posts on women from all over the world and all genres of art:

Female Artists in History.

This site is Eurocentric so I have listed mainly western artists, with only a few indigenous, Asian, South American, Pacific Islander or any other cultures but I am adding them when I can, and currently adding our Australian indigenous artists.

I am kept fully occupied listing the artists from this site, but thousands more will be added as I branch out to other sources. This might not sound a big deal until you realise that I am sorting the information on each artist into First name, Surname, Dates, Country, Practice (more than one column) Era/school and Genre (more than one column.)

Advice from anyone who has first hand experience with converting information from a large table to excel or to a database would be most welcome.

I decided to do this when I discovered that I had no way of identifying, as a group, landscape artists who are women, or women in any other genre of art. This has been an ongoing project for a few years but is becoming unwieldy as it takes some work to check whether and artist has been listed more than once. Hopefully it will soon become a searchable database, but in the meantime I keep slogging away at it.

It’s Mothers’ Day – Sunday morning and what am I doing? Writing a blog and adding to my data. 🙂




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