Mon 7th of May

IF YOU ARE RECEIVING THIS BLOG…. my apologies if it is not welcome. It has been linked to my facebook page. Please feel free to comment or leave additional or alternative points of view, no need to click ‘like.’   It is all just part of my learning journey.

My research will examine outdated views on nationalism, masculinity and landscape as the history of landscape painting has depended  for its construction on the evidence produced  by  or  about men. I’ll research landscape artists who were women, their society and how they perceived themselves within that society. I am also interested in the fear that they generated in men when they began to be seen as rivals.  Cast as by-standers or the ‘other’ these landscape artists have, like women in all areas of society, had their achievements…. ‘disappeared.’ ( a new verb invented by me)

I’m reading”What is research in the visual arts”  by Michael Ann Holly et al (love the name) and have found an article about how, in the last thirty years, researchers have criticised the way history has been researched and brought to light ‘the missing or repressed voices.’

Here is a portrait which intrigues me. Beaux was a portraitist who painted some landscapes, and I am hoping that my own practice can convey some of the atmosphere of solitude and isolation in this one.

Unfinished portrait by Celia Beaux


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